Box Integrations & More

External file sharing is an important part of business. Employees have driven demand for easy to use file sharing applications like Box. While it’s convenient for employees and external clients, it can make a mess out of your document management plans. SeeUnity’s solutions for Box help keep all of your content in compliance while making sharing content from your ECM to and from Box seamless.

  • Archive content uploaded to Box directly to your ECM repository of record
  • Publish content from your ECM directly to Box
  • Sync enterprise content between Box and your ECM of record

Synchronize your ECM content with Box.

Echo Content Synchronization

Give users sync power with administrator oversight.

User Sync

How are people using it?

Archive documents uploaded to Box

Use Echo Content Synchronization to automatically archive content uploaded to external Box sites to your ECM of choice.

Empower your users

Keep employees working in the ECM of record but enable them to share content externally with a simple right click.

Automate IG between Box and your ECM

Set up automatic publishing, synchronization, or archiving rules for documents shared or uploaded to Box to automatically keep all content in compliance and contained within your repository of record.

We support most major ECMs, file shares, and CRM systems

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