Give your employees access to your ECM content directly in Dynamics!

Microsoft Dynamics can be a powerful tool for helping businesses with their sales, service, marketing, social, and ERP management. However, when businesses use an ECM system in addition to Dynamics, it makes document management tricky. As employees work within the business processes established in Microsoft Dynamics, they often need to interface with relevant documents. With documents stored in a separate system, employees will spend unnecessary time searching for content in their native repository and decrease compliance by saving content directly in Dynamics and taking it out of the ECM. SeeUnity’s solutions for ECM and Dynamics help bring your ECM and Dynamics environments together to improve your work processes.



Fusion Content Integration

Synchronize your content between Dynamics and your ECM.

Echo Content Synchronization

How are people using it?

Archive documents at case close.

Use Echo Content Synchronization to recognize case states and at case close automatically archive all documents to your ECM and leave behind PDFs for read-only access from Dynamics.

Content in context.

Prepopulate relevant content to cases or customer records. For example, all contracts stored in your ECM of record could be published to Dynamics on the relevant customer account.

Leverage document access.

View and action your content directly within cases in Dynamics. Allow native ECM functionalities to be embedded and actioned from within Dynamics. Save time and increase productivity!

We support all major ECM systems, file shares, and CRM systems!

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