MacRoberts LLP Bridges the Content Divide

MacRoberts bridges the content divide with SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization. As with most law firms, MacRoberts has extensive requirements for being able to structure, classify, and organize content.

Litigating cases often requires collaboration and sharing with clients and third parties. Due to governance and confidentiality requirements, these parties don’t have access to their ECM. They sought a solution that would automate how they collaborate externally. SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization enabled MacRoberts to share externally in a secure and automated way.

Read more on how SeeUnity helped MacRoberts automate delivery of content to clients and third parties.

Posted on: April 3, 2017

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization automated delivery of content to clients and other third parties while also improving productivity with the timely delivery of content. Echo also helped MacRoberts improve their decision-making process.

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“Echo has made the first phase a clear success… The Client is now able to search a tailored library of information.”

- Robert Crichton | Director of IT Services, MacRoberts

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