Husch Blackwell Uses SeeUnity’s Synchronization to Simplify How they Share Content

Husch Blackwell uses SeeUnity’s Echo Synchronization to simplify how they share content between systems. For over a decade, Husch Blackwell has relied on OpenText eDOCS as their standard for ECM. While satisfied with eDOCS, they needed to find a way to share content externally with clients, local counsel, and other third parties without providing them access to their eDOCS repository. The firm implemented SharePoint in addition to their DM, but quickly ran into issues.

The firm needed to address the issue of multiple versions and duplicative documents that spanned across SharePoint and eDOCS. SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization allowed Husch to use publishing to place content in SharePoint from their eDOCS repository. This made providing DM content to SharePoint seamless.

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Posted on: April 3, 2017

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization provided seamless automatic publishing from eDOCS to SharePoint. It enabled seamless mapping of custom metadata to SharePoint without the need for custom scripting. Echo also allowed for a great deal of administrative oversight.

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“Being able to manipulate the data critical to us, and SeeUnity’s synchronization solution perfectly meets those needs.”

- Lann Wasson | Senior Manager of Knowledge Management, Husch Blackwell

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