During the past 25 years, General Networks has managed the design and implementation of document handling technologies that serve more than two million users at 250 organizations, including utility companies, multimodal ports, global entertainment companies, and state regulatory agencies. We offer extensive business expertise designing and deploying electronic document and records systems for hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users.

We support content management applications on Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, M-Files, and complementary technologies including Nintex, akumina, LiveTiles, K2, ServiceNow, Kofax, DocuSign, MarkLogic, and webMethods.

Systems General Networks Corporation Supports:

  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText eDOCS
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • M-Files

Contact Information

Phone: +1-818-249-1962

Website: www.gennet.com

Email: pjschwartz@gennet.com



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