Webinar – Automate the Capture of Federal Court Filings to HighQ Through a SeeUnity/PacerPro Integration to Reduce Costs and Improve Data Capture

Firms spend thousands of hours annually manually downloading, labelling, distributing and saving federal court filings and associated meta data, resulting in delays, incomplete files, and non-standard file naming conventions. PacerPro and SeeUnity have joined forces to securely integrate PacerPro with systems like HighQ, automating that process to significantly improve workflow for case teams and clients.


● Eliminates rote work and reduces costs
● Ensures case teams and clients have immediate, complete access to all case filings
● Standardizes file naming conventions and preserves essential meta data

Join us for an ‘end to end’ look at the integration. You’ll hear from:

Gene D’Aversa, Director of Project Management IT, Husch Blackwell on the benefits of case team/client transparency and collaboration.

Anna McGrane, COO and Co-founder, PacerPro will share the data available from Court Notices of Electronic Filing, including key meta data such as Judge, Nature of Suit, Filer, Filing type, and Jurisdiction.

Dan Anderson, CEO and Co-founder, SeeUnity, will walk you through the mechanics of the integration and further possibilities using SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization product.

And finally, Anita Campbell, Senior Client Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters (HighQ), will show how the data appears in HighQ and how it can be utilized by case teams.

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Aug 17 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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