Improve Collaboration & Simplify Document Management

Surface your content where you need it with a robust yet flexible application.

Simplifying your access to content is easy.

1. Select your systems.

We support a large number of business applications and systems.

  • Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online
  • OpenText eDOCS and Content Server
  • iManage
  • Documentum
  • NetDocuments
  • M-Files
  • Alfresco
  • HighQ
  • Box
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Firmex


2. Integrate them with our Fusion Content Integration.

  • Select which application you would like to be your primary interface for document interaction.
  • Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Online
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics

3. View and interact with your content.

Once configured you’re ready to go!


Our Fusion Content Integration solution makes the integration of DM systems and external systems like SharePoint or Salesforce simple. We can surface from within an app part, web part, or web-based service a window that will show your DM content directly from within the external application. Fusion not only displays your content, but it also extends the native functionality of your DM into the application of your choice. That way your employees can work directly with their content without losing functionality or crucial metadata.

Integrating your ECM with SharePoint

Put a direct window to your DM content and functionality directly in SharePoint.

Easily search your DM content in SharePoint

Provide your employees with an easy way to search both SharePoint and DM content in a federated search that displays relevant results, but security trims results, considers permissions, extends functionality, and reduces crawl times by indexing content.

Integrating your ECM with a CRM

Your employees are working daily within your CRM like Salesforce or Dynamics. They should be able to easily access your DM content from within Salesforce, but it’s not always that easy. Our Fusion Content integration can embed relevant content directly into customer or case records that stay stored in your DM.

Document Access and Mobility

Your employees and organization are no longer chained to the office. They want and need the freedom to work from other locations. Enable them to take their content on the go with a variety of mobile options. Our app and web parts can be displayed from within any web-based platform, and we also offer native Android and iOS apps for added security.

Tell Us About Your Project

Contact us with the details of your project, including the systems you’re using, and we’ll get back to you shortly!