Takeaways from my first ILTACON

*This is a guest blog written by Natalie Omiecinski, Content Marketing Specialist with SeeUnity.

As one of the newer members of the SeeUnity team, I had the unique opportunity to experience ILTACON for the very first time. I went to ILTACON with little expectations about the event. I also, went into it with a small frame of reference as I had only been a part of one other conference in my professional career. That conference was much smaller, and I worked as a staff member for a few hours a day, guiding people to their next sessions. This time, I was able to experience the exhibitor role, which was actually quite fun. In this guest post, I want to talk a little bit about my takeaways as a newbie to the world of legal technology.

1.     Takeaway 1: Legal technology is fun

Sure, sure. We all work in this space of legal technology. Many times, the information about what we all do can be very dry. However, ILTA and ILTACON were successful in making it a fun experience. When the exhibit hall opening night reception theme was named as the “vendor galaxy,” I had no idea how many vendors actually go all-out for the event. There were so many great costumes, and some companies continued to play into the theme throughout the week. It was really fun, people seemed to have a great time, and I am glad to have experienced that!

2.     Takeaway 2: Artificial intelligence is hot!

Another thing that was pretty obvious is that artificial intelligence is hotter than Las Vegas! Not only were many of the sessions about AI, but many of the attendees were looking to implement AI solutions within their firms. I was surprised by the number of people asking about AI services and the AI legal applications on offer. If there was ever a question about artificial intelligence being adopted in legal, there isn’t one now. The sessions about AI also seemed to be well attended, and widely talked about on social media.

3.     Takeaway 3: Networking is key

While this may be an obvious statement about a conference, it was my first opportunity to network, in person, with many of our partners and customers. Since I am a newer member of the SeeUnity team, it was nice to put faces to names and finally shake hands with someone who I have been working virtually with. It was also nice to meet and talk to other marketing professionals. I enjoyed hearing from them about how they successfully run campaigns around ILTACON. Since this was my first ILTACON, I feel like I can better plan for the next one using the things I heard from them.

4.     Takeaway 4: #WeAreLegalTech

Our “We are legal tech” campaign ran throughout the conference to showcase some of our customers that are industry leaders in adopting technology solutions to help provide the best services and solutions to their users and clients. We were lucky to have partner and customer testimonials published on social media and collateral at our booth that demonstrated how we help them achieve their goals. In addition to that, there were a few sessions that correlated with some of what SeeUnity does. The first session of the conference “DMS Upgrades and Migrations: Look Before You Leap” was not only popular amongst attendees but also directly relates to a SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration product. In this session, a panel of experts talked a bit about migration best practices. This session echoed our advice about making sure you allow enough time for planning, and how there are always going to be bumps in the road with such a long project.


All in all, attending ILTACON was a great experience. And I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with another group of people. SeeUnity has such a great team, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them in Vegas last week. I am happy to check this experience off the list, and take what I learned this year, and apply it to next year!

Posted on: August 24, 2017