Fusion Content Integration

Access and manage all of your content in one easy to use interface.

Provide a native ECM user experience that will allow your employees to access and manage content across one or more systems from within a single interface. Our content integration tools give you the power to access and action your content conveniently. Connecting one or multiple external repositories makes your content easy for your employees to access and saves them time and frustration. Choose the user interface that best suits your needs: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or a custom web interface.

Fusion Web Connect exposes the native functionalities of ECM systems, so you can action all of your content in one place.

Popular Use Cases

  • Connect your native repository directly into your workflow in Dynamics
  • Access lead-related documents stored in your native repository directly from Salesforce
  • Use SharePoint as a front-end interface to access multiple native repositories

White Papers

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