Consolidating or replacing ECM systems

So, you’re ready to switch ECM systems?

You probably have a lot of questions

1. How do I move the data?

2. How do I maintain my metadata?

3. How long is this going to take?

4. How much downtime are we going to have?

5. Wait, I can’t have downtime, how am I going to handle that?

6. What if we make a mistake?

7. What if there is data we don’t want to transfer?

8. What happens to our permissions?

As you run through these questions, you start to worry; you start to question whether you should even make the move. What if you aren’t capable of handling the move? Would it be easier to stay? Why did you buy that motorcycle, you can’t even ride it? Can you really be sure of anything?

Calm down, calm down. We’ve got you covered. Our out-of-the-box solution can help you save cost, time, and complexity.

sync icon light blue

Synchronized Migration

Move content at your own pace. Synchronize documents across new and old repositories during migration. Users are unaffected by migration until official switch has been declared.

blackout migration

Blackout Migration

Move everything, all at once, with a rip and replace migration. Our tool can be configured to handle large quantities of data, enabling you to move content quickly.