How to Make the Most of Your Salesforce

May 9, 2017 9:00 am

Salesforce can help you better manage client relationships, but without your content, it can complicate things. Found out how you can avoid the following 3 pitfalls of Salesforce.

  1. Salesforce can have unrealistic file size limitations and high storage costs. Salesforce is made to be a database that holds a plethora of client details and their legal needs, but they fall short on document storage. If you’re planning on storing contracts and other content in Salesforce, prepare to be met with size limitations and high storage costs. Salesforce,┬álimits individual attachments to 25MB. Lengthy contracts can easily exceed these limitations, leaving you with no way to attach relevant materials. For information on Salesforce document size limitations read more here.
  1. Salesforce can cost you valuable time and cause employee frustration if they have to find the content they need outside of Salesforce. By adding Salesforce you are adding an extra step for your employees to find, archive, or download content that they need for their clients. Leaving them with less time. Enterprise synchronization can save time by surfacing the relevant content directly within your CRM from your DM and increase productivity.
  1. Compliance and audit trails of documents are important. There are many reasons why your organization implemented an ECM, like SharePoint, Documentum, or Alfresco, such as maintaining a single source of truth, custom metadata, information governance, and keeping an audit trail on documents. This becomes especially important in the event of a subpoena for information ensuring that you have a traceable audit trail on all relevant content.