ARMA NCR Ottawa – Spring Workshops

May 15, 2017 12:00 am

Join Ryan Bond, VP of Professional Services at SeeUnity, to prepare for your move to GCDOCS.

A hands-on workshop where you’ll create a concrete plan to get your department ready to go!

Sometimes getting started is the hardest step. We’ve seen hundreds of migrations and know that creating a plan can be a difficult task. Over the years we’ve created best practices and methodologies that will ensure your plan will help your migration project become a success. During this workshop, we’ll help you devise a plan so that you and your department can get to work and get migrated before the GCDOCS mandate in 2018.

At the end of this interactive session, participants will:

  • Be well educated on the major concepts for designing your GCDOCS target architecture
  • Understand how to realistically set migration timelines and communicate the migration process to management.
  • Have a plan for evaluating external software and resources to meet possible migration needs.
  • Design an architectural drawing of migration environment and understand hardware and pre-req’s to be used for planning.
  • Understand and have a plan to assemble the ideal migration team to ensure migration success
  • Understanding the options for analyzing and cleansing your source system and it’s data.
  • Create a template and plan for the actual migration process
  • See SeeUnity Velocity in detail to understand if it is the right tool for your migration.
    • Purchasing options for Velocity and consulting resources

For more information, visit the ARMA event page here!